How to use

Boombox partner is a verified Boomboxer, who is able to monetize their content on the Boombox website based on their generated number of views. To join the league, the Boomboxer must be consistent in creating new content and once recognized by Boombox committee, they will be contacted to join as a Boombox Partner.

Boombox provides an alternative channel into customized and targeted method of advertising. Advertising with Boombox is the most cost efficient way of marketing as data is readily available at the tip of your finger. 

You can change your personal information by logging in and clicking on ‘Settings’. Once directed to the page, you have full access to the account.

Anyone can become a content creator, or in our world we name them, Boomboxers. Merely register your account and upload your videos. Regularly post new content on your channel and promote your videos through social media. Just make sure you create interesting content and in no time, you wil become a successful Boomboxer! 

Boombox is free to register and use, only registered account have access to the whole of the videos on the Boombox website.

Sign in to your Boombox account. At the top right corner, click to access your account and click ‘Manage Videos’. Click on ‘Upload Video’ on the list of menus on the left of the screen, and upload your selected video. Input the Title, Description, Tag, Category and video thumbnail as you wish before clicking on the ‘Save button'.

To use Boombox to its full functionality, click on the ‘Login’ icon on the top right corner of the Boombox homepage and register an account by filling in all mandatory details. Upon activation of your account by going into your email and clicking the account verification link, you now have thorough access to all the Boombox functions. Login with your user account and enjoy the perks of a Boomboxer!

The Boombox committee can be contacted via email: